For 2 years, I couldnt sell my land and was paying Rs. 69,500 loan interest every month. After Navagraha homa and Sri Amma's Darshan, my land got sold in 4 days time.
Mohapatra - OD. Phone no. 09090262626

My daughter prayed to Sri Amma Bhagavan in Navarathri Homa for medical seat. She secured 96.42% in 12th standard and got MBBS seat in merit listing.
 Subramani - PY. Phone no. 09751797904

When my wife was cooking food, hot oil fell on her. She immediately called out to Sri Amma Bhagavan and she was saved without any injury.
Mohan - OD. Phone no. 09938224144

Thank you so much for this . Just wanted to share a Deeksha miracle.
 My 4 year old grandson Vincent fell on Monday, July 2 and severely fractured his left arm in 3 places. The prognosis was to have surgery and a pin placed in his arm with extensive casting to be done today, July 6.
 I shared hands-on and distance healing Deeksha every day with Vincent over the past 4 days.
 Lo and behold when he went to his appointment this morning at the orthopedists they could find NO BREAKS at all!  They reexamined him and xrayed him in many positions with no signs of any fractures that  were originally found.
Thank you Amma/Bhagavan for your gift of compassionate healing for this little boy!!!!This healing is truly life changing for our entire family.

With deep gratitude and love,
Susan - USA

After attending Homa here are few miracles of the people
  • After an accident I was not able to concentrate on my business and it went into loss. My debts shot up to a range of 1 crore 18 lakhs and I had to repay 250 people.After participating in the homa conducted at Nemam, by the Grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan, I have come out of all the problems and have acquired property worth over 50 lakhs. My gratitude to the beloved Amma Bhagavan who saved me.
         N.Selvarajan, Chennai
         New India Associates

  • My father was suffering from Diabetes, my mother was suffering from Piles, and I was ill with Hyper-thyroid. By Sri Amma Bhagavan's Grace we have come out of all the sickness and are leading a happy life. Our Heartfelt Pada Pranams to my dear Sri Amma Bhagavan.
         Inbavalli, Chennai.

  • My son was an average student. There was a total change in his life after participating in homa at Sri Amma Bhagavan Sannidhi, Nemam. He stood first in his college examinations in RSG Tech Coimbatore. He has got 2 Gold medals. One from RSG College and the other from Anna University. He got employment in L&T and also got admission for MS in the A&M University Texas, one of the good universites in US. Aantakoti Pada pranams to Sri Amma Bhagavan.

  • I was suffering from Anal cancer. I went to Nemam and prayed to Sri Amma Bhagavan and got healed completely. I am hale and healthy now. My hearfelt thanks to Sri Amma Bhagavan who saved my life.
         Indrani, Chennai


  1. I wish to share a deeksha miracle that took place yesterday that is on - 24-02-2013.

    I was driving to reach my work place. On the way a little pomeranian dog ran from adjacent road by crossing the Dividers towards me. I somehow balanced myself but a bike coming from behind went on him. I stopped and moved to see what happened.He was unconcious, bleeding from nose and mouth then his guardians ran and sprinkled some water to wake him up.there wasn't any sign of that. I rushed to give him hands-on deeksha and suddenly he opened his eyes and then was taken to the hospital.
    Thank you so much Amma Bhagwan for saving him.

    Your Daughter,
    Kasturi 8888879745

  2. Hi everyone.i ve experienced many miracles of amma i was searching one importent thing..hope amma bagavan will help this child.i would like to have the photo which is called srimoorthy to pray ..where can i get ?how can i get?i live in canada..please someone help me...

    1. Hi Priyatharisini...You can find ammabhagavan(srimoorthy) in google,take a print of it & pray to it

    2. Namasthe Priyatharsiniji,

      You will get Amma n Bhagavan's shrimurthi here. Follow the link


  3. On dec30 mukti darsan i prayed for my sister"s marriege & she got married on 14th feb.THANX AMMABHAGABAN for being with me..Lucy.puri.odisha

  4. i want to visit amma bhagavan temple in chennai- perambur, any one know d address pls help me i want to visit temple.

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  6. @ Saranya Raghavan:- Sorry for late reply but yes you can contact on the numbers given thats 9663377389 or 8762301472 for the details,... See the event section here for further details contact the numbers..

  7. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

    Sink Chennai

  8. Without having naya paisa in my hand and as well as in my bank a/c. I conducted my daughter's marriage in coimbatore on 13-Feb-2013 and after completing the marriage function I have a Balance of Rs.81000/- in my bank a/c. Is it a miracle of
    Shree Amma Bagawani or blessings of Amma Bagawanji.. Thanks to Shree Amma
    Bagawanji for what ever already happened and what ever may happen in future. It is all because of his blessings. MY FAMILY MEMBERS AND MY WHOLE HEARTED THANKS TO SHREE AMMA BHAGAVANJI.........

  9. Hi everybody
    Im doing cars buying n selling for the past 2 yrs i cant able to sold my car
    After attending youth mahadeeksha on feb 13/ 2014 my car got sold in the next 2 days and they are doing miracles for me every day every second
    I love you amma bhagavan


  10. Hi friends,

    This is anu from chennai..bhagawan has done so many miracles in my life..apendis operation for my mom, cured cancer for my aunt in a week and i got very low score in 12th but I prayed amma bhagavan that I should get seat in jeppiar college prayed I got seat in jeppiar college with 69% ...which is not management andit is a merit seat thru anna university...I prayed bhagavan to get a job and now am working in a top mnc...its all because of amma bhagavan...thank you so much amma bhagavan u so much..please be with me always...

  11. My daughter tanishqa three and half year, few month back diagnosed to be having retinoblastoma in left eye
    Cancer tumour
    Upon diagnosed through in shankara netralaya on 17th july
    Doctors told that one eye should be removed and cant be saved
    Any how as father and mother we were not agreed with this concern
    Although with keeping this in mind that everything happens for reason and god has must thinked something better for my daughter i gave the no objection letter as a declaration to doctor to
    Intiate for ENUCLEATION
    on 17 th ammaji gave hopes to us
    And her operation
    Even if she was taken to the operation theatre
    Her opeartion of eye removal
    Has been cancelled that morning
    Now she is undergoing chemothearapy treatment

    Thankyou amma bhagvan

    Anil kulsange

  12. Hi Friends amma bagavan is always with me.. I am waiting for a job offer after reference check.its almost two weeks..the waiting is really killing me...kindly pray for me to amma bagavan to get the offer..please friends you amma bagavan

  13. Hi Friends amma bagavan is always with me.. I am waiting for a job offer after reference check.its almost two weeks..the waiting is really killing me...kindly pray for me to amma bagavan to get the offer..please friends you amma bagavan

  14. Hi Friends amma bagavan is always with me.. I am waiting for a job offer after reference check.its almost two weeks..the waiting is really killing me...kindly pray for me to amma bagavan to get the offer..please friends you amma bagavan

  15. Just reading these miracles I am struck with the great power and love of AmmaBhagavan, Just after 2 days of the 21 day Sadhana I received a big box of gifts from my sister all the way from the Uk cloths jewelry for my daughter and myself and other gifts of love for Christmas. Deep gratitude Filiz

  16. I had a MS attack in September and went to OU in October in a wheel chair. On the 3rd day, I prayed to AB to walk and I walked to the meditation hall. I am getting better everyday but I still need help staying with God. My mind wanders and fear and worries and I would like it to stop so I can enjoy my healing and my wonderful life. Thank you for this miracle and thank you for your prayers.

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    Glad to visit this blog. Very Informative blog!
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  18. Jai Amma Bhagwan!
    I attended an online program "Aishwarya Prapti" at pune.
    I found job very next day.
    2nd I do not have a good android cell phone which was required for my job and my sister gifted me the same.

  19. Yes I too have experienced the miracle of Amma Bhagwan. I wanted a flat in Mumbai in a good locality at a reasonable price . I prayed and in a few days came across a really posh flat in a new building at a much lower price than market because builder wanted money urgently.
    Really grateful to Amma Bhagwan.

  20. I shall be highly obliged to Bhagwan if He fulfills my desire.

  21. The miracle happened recently. Amma Bhagaban saved my husband's job. I prayed to Amma Bhagaban whole heartedly and asked to save my husband's job and miraculously it happened in between 3 weeks(approx). We are grateful to Amma Bhagaban. Thank you so much Amma Bhagaban for saving my husband's job. Thank you Amma Bhagaban. Shri Amma Bhagaban Ki Jay.

    1. Can you pray for me too? I may not be praying properly

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  23. My friend, have faith on Amma Bhagaban and have hope. They love everyone.

  24. you may download Shri Shri Amma Bhagaban App my friend. You will get so many informations.

  25. Amma bhagvan pls help us from our financial crisis...

  26. எனக்கு உடம்புல ஒரு problem சரி செய்ய உதவி பன்ன முடியுமா sir pls help me

  27. எனக்கு உடம்புல ஒரு problem சரி செய்ய உதவி பன்ன முடியுமா sir pls help me

  28. Bhagavan temple address pl to visit

  29. Pls tell address to reach temple from Bangalore

  30. AMMA Bhagavan please solve my financial problems.

  31. Amma Bhagavan please help me to participate in the navagraha homam. financially im not able to pay that much cost please help me ma. my family is suffering alot from many problems.